LTC1966HMS8 RMS To DC Converter

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  • The LTC®1966 is a true RMS-to-DC converter that utilizes an innovative patented ∆Σ computational technique. The internal delta sigma circuitry of the LTC1966 makes it simpler to use, more accurate, lower power and dramatically
    more flexible than conventional log antilog RMS-to-DC converters.
    The LTC1966 accepts single-ended or differential input signals (for EMI/RFI rejection) and supports crest factors up to 4. Common mode input range is rail-to-rail. Differential input range is 1VPEAK, and offers unprecedented linearity.
    Unlike previously available RMS-to-DC converters, the  superior linearity of the LTC1966 allows hassle free system calibration at any input voltage.
    The LTC1966 also has a rail-to-rail output with a separate  output reference pin providing flexible level shifting. The LTC1966 operates on a single power supply from 2.7V to 5.5V or dual supplies up to ±5.5V. A low power shutdown mode reduces supply current to 0.5µA.


    • True RMS Digital Multimeters and Panel Meters
    • True RMS AC + DC Measurements


    • Mfr.: Analog Devices
    • P/N: LTC1966HMS8#PBF
    • Simple to Use, Requires One Capacitor
    • True RMS DC Conversion Using ∆Σ Technology
    • High Accuracy:
      0.1% Gain Accuracy from 50Hz to 1kHz
      0.25% Total Error from 50Hz to 1kHz
    • High Linearity: 0.02% Linearity Allows Simple System Calibration
    • Low Supply Current: 155µA Typ, 170µA Max
    • Ultralow Shutdown Current: 0.1µA
    • Constant Bandwidth:  Independent of Input Voltage 800kHz –3dB, 6kHz ±1%
    • Flexible Supplies: 2.7V to 5.5V Single Supply
    • Up to ±5.5V Dual Supply
    • Flexible Inputs: Differential or Single-Ended
    • Rail-to-Rail Common Mode Voltage Range
    • Up to 1VPEAK Differential Voltage
    • Flexible Output: Rail-to-Rail Output
    • Separate Output Reference Pin Allows Level Shifting
    • Wide Temperature Range: –55°C to 125°C
    • Small Size: Space Saving 8-Pin MSOP Package

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